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atlee risk consulting

Atlee Risk Consulting

Evaluating risks, managing liability

Atlee Risk Consulting

We are dedicated to stopping bad things from happening to good companies by:

  • Managing your legal liability
  • Evaluating your organizational risks

Saving You Time & Money

We can help you avoid accidents, injuries, broken deals, law suits, and violations to save your precious time and money while:

  • Intervening early to eliminate harm
  • Fixing damaging situations before they’re truly broken
  • Managing circumstances with confidence to reduce costs

Atlee Risk Consulting will protect your business and give you peace of mind.


Atlee Risk Consulting provides training for key personnel to avoid liability problems, accidents, lawsuits, and violations.


Early Intervention

Atlee Risk Consulting reviews emerging problems and makes recommendations for early intervention, before disasters develop.


Risk Audits

Atlee Risk Consulting conducts risk surveys and audits then provides recommendations to avoid bad outcomes.