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Atlee Risk Consulting is dedicated to helping you save your precious time and money by preventing accidents, injuries, broken deals, law suits, and violations. Atlee Risk Consulting will:

  • Provide outsourced legal liability risk management
  • Focus on the non-legal aspects of the business, management, and practice side of the house
  • Work to avoid and minimize the time you have to spend with lawyers*
    * We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice or legal representation

Avoid Liability Problems

Atlee Risk Consulting will help you avoid liability problems, accidents, lawsuits, violations, bad outcomes, injuries, and contract breaches by:

  • Providing training and continuing education for key personnel
  • Conducting risk surveys and audits then formulating recommendations to decrease complications
  • Identifying legal liability risks including unsafe conditions and processes, troublesome contracting practices, and latent litigation risk

Contain Liability

Atlee Risk Consulting will help you contain the reach of liability problems by:

  • Reviewing emerging problems and making recommendations for early intervention before disaster strikes
  • Investigating incidents and claims when bad things do occur
  • Managing actions to reduce the scope of harm and the likelihood of litigation

Prevent Recurrence

Atlee Risk Consulting will prevent recurrence of liability incidents by:

  • Providing an enlightened approach to post-accident investigation
  • Conducting root-cause analyses
  • Ensuring similar incidents don’t happen again

Reduce & Manage Bad Outcomes

Atlee Risk Consulting will reduce and manage bad outcomes if they occur to allow business people to do business by:

  • Working with doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare practitioners to reduce medical and surgical bad outcomes and avoid lawsuits if bad outcomes occur
  • Managing lawsuits if litigation is brought, working with retained counsel, settling cases, and translating the arcane language of the law

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