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Atlee Risk Consulting provides training and continuing education for key personnel to avoid liability problems, accidents, lawsuits, and violations.

Available Training Sessions:

Using his 30 years of training experience, Charlie Madison has developed training for:

  • Contract Management
  • Litigation Management
  • e-Discovery
  • Avoiding Lawsuits
  • Handling Workplace Accidents & System Failures

Handling Workplace Accidents & System Failures using principles of High Reliability Organizing and the New View of Human Performance. These complementary disciplines have emerged from the leaps in organizational health and safety performance achieved by the civilian nuclear industry and commercial aviation respectively.

The principles and practices of these disciplines have revolutionized organizational performance worldwide, and have allowed the commercial airline industry to reach a level of safety performance far beyond Six Sigma (an error rate of 1:10,000), to attain a safety performance rate of 1:26,000,000, and have helped organizations across the globe achieve dramatic improvements in safety, productivity and profitability.

Atlee Risk Consulting also offers continuing education for lawyers, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.