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Litigation Management

Managing litigation is a difficult and nuanced undertaking that is best handled by professionals with direct experience and focused expertise. When business people and transactional lawyers find themselves managing litigation, the end result is often:

  • Money wasted and valuable time lost
  • Blind navigation through this unique legal landscape
  • Overplayed hands and inappropriately aggressive approaches that fail

Using specialized skills, honed by years of litigation and in-house experience, Atlee Risk Consulting will assist you in meeting your business goals by helping:

  • Choose the right lawyers for the case
  • Obtain a cost-effective defense team
  • Develop realistic expectations of the litigation process
  • Understand the language of trial lawyers
  • Negotiate and settle difficult lawsuits successfully

Arrangements for litigation management can be tailored to your needs, whether the litigation caseload is large or small. Companies with in-house litigation managers can benefit from a one-time review of their litigation portfolio with recommendations for:

  • Cost savings
  • Greater efficiency
  • Calibration of expectation

Let Atlee Risk Consulting deal with the lawyers while your business people get back to business.