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Early Intervention

Atlee Risk Consulting reviews emerging problems and makes recommendations for early intervention, before disasters develop.

Handling Contract Workouts & Renegotiations

Contract disputes can be nerve-racking. But it doesn’t have to be with Atlee Risk Consulting. We will review the situation with you to:

  • Prevent you from overplaying your hand
  • Analyze and decide if a workout is the best option
  • Determine whether the realities of the litigation process are consistent with your company culture and business objectives

Managing Urgent & Emergent Incidents

How a company responds to emergencies, injuries, and accidents will determine the chance that litigation will be brought.

Atlee Risk Consulting can reduce the likelihood of lawsuits by:

  • Helping with investigations
  • Improving communications in the early stages of an event
  • Identifying common pitfalls and errors to avoid them

Reducing Common Incidents

Atlee Risk Consulting can work with management to make process improvements that reduce the risk of litigation by:

  • Identifying faulty processes or work practices that lead to common incidents
  • Examining patterns and behaviors that have led to recent incidents
  • Preventing or bringing an early end to the chain of events that lead to litigation

Avoiding Litigation and Meeting Business Goals

The best way to cure a problem is to find the elusive win-win solution. Atlee Risk Consulting brings experience and creativity to problem solving by:

  • Reframing issues
  • Finding ways to preserve relationships
  • Negotiating satisfying resolutions to troublesome events